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Faz sucesso dos dois lados da blogoseira americana o último livro de Jonah Goldberg, “Liberal Fascism”. O livro tenta ser uma prova definitiva daquele velho conto do vigário da direita anaeróbica: “sim, senhores, o nazismo era de esquerda, e eu tenho um terreno na Lua para lhes vender”.

Apresentação da obra magda na Amazon:

Contrary to what most people think, the Nazis were ardent socialists (hence the term “National socialism”). They believed in free health care and guaranteed jobs. They confiscated inherited wealth and spent vast sums on public education. They purged the church from public policy, promoted a new form of pagan spirituality, and inserted the authority of the state into every nook and cranny of daily life. The Nazis declared war on smoking, supported abortion, euthanasia, and gun control. They loathed the free market, provided generous pensions for the elderly, and maintained a strict racial quota system in their universities—where campus speech codes were all the rage. The Nazis led the world in organic farming and alternative medicine. Hitler was a strict vegetarian, and Himmler was an animal rights activist.


Vamos lá, não custa exercitar o raciocínio.

  1. Os nazistas acreditavam em serviço de saúde público universal.
  2. Esquerdistas em geral acreditam em serviço de saúde público universal.
  3. Logo, nazistas eram esquerdistas.

Ah, o poder da mente. Vamos tentar outra vez:

  1. Nazistas eram favoráveis a campos de concentração.
  2. Republicanos são favoráveis a campos de concentração.
  3. Logo, republicanos são nazistas.

Ops, não valeu. Desta vez deu certo.


Excertos da obra vêm transpirando na blogoseira, e o Sadly, No! dá o tratamento necessário a vários deles (I mean, a desmoralização total). Transcrevo um trecho:

Nazi attitudes toward homosexuality are also a source of confusion. While it is true that some homosexuals were sent to concentration camps, it is also the case that the early Nazi Party and the constellation of Pan-German organizations in its orbit were rife with homosexuals. It’s well-known, for example, that Ernst Rohm, the head of the SA, and his coterie were homosexuals, and openly so. When jealous members of the SA tried to use this fact against him in 1931, Hitler had to remonstrate that Rohm’s homosexuality was “purely in the private sphere.” Some try to suggest that Rohm was murdered on the Night of the Long Knives because he was gay. But the Rohm faction posed the greatest threat to Hitler’s consolidation of power because they were, in important respects, the most ardent and “revolutionary” Nazis.

Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams write in The Pink Swastika that “the National Socialist revolution and the Nazi party were animated and dominated by militaristic homosexuals, pederasts, pornographers, and sadomasochists.” This is surely an overstatement. But it is nonetheless true that the artistic and literary movements provided the oxygen for Nazism before 1933 were chockablock with homosexual liberationist tracts, clubs and journals .

Um comentador do post trouxe uma informação “interessante”:

Although homosexuality was illegal under paragraph 175 of the criminal code, prior to the Third Reich it was rarely enforced. In the Reichstag, MPs were on the verge of securing its repeal. A new era of freedom seemed to be dawning. Then came Nazism.Within a month of assuming power in 1933, Hitler outlawed homosexual organisations and publications. Gay bars and clubs were closed down soon afterwards. Storm troopers ransacked the headquarters of the gay rights movement, the Institute of Sexual Science, and publicly burned its vast library of “degenerate” books. Before the end of the year, the first homosexuals were deported to concentration camps.

Ao que outro leitor aduziu o very spirited comentário:

And with this minor and flamboyant PR maneuvers, the Hitler-gays had the public just where they wanted them, believing beyond all evidence (technically, “no evidence”) that somehow teh gayz were suffering when in fact they wuz abouts to conker teh UNIVERS in a 1,000 YEAR GAY REICH!


A direita anaeróbica produz exemplos diários de tamanha estupidez que chego a ficar dividido entre duas sensações conflitantes: se por um lado alimento a esperança de que tanta burrice seja em algum momento redentora, no sentido de que não é possível que as pessoas não percebam o alto nível tóxico da atmosfera anaeróbica, por outro lado às vezes me lembro da eleição de Collor em 89 e a demonstração de que a burrice é por vezes contagiante.

Vamos ver quando o livro chegar aqui, vamos ver.

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