Pilot diverts jet over teen’s in-flight prayer

PHILADELPHIA – A Jewish teen trying to pray on a New York-to-Kentucky flight caused a scare when he pulled out a set of small black boxes containing holy scrolls, leading the captain to divert the flight to Philadelphia, where the commuter plane was greeted by police, bomb-sniffing dogs and federal agents.” [grifo meu]

Bem ao ponto, duas matérias interessantes na Economist.

A primeira versa sob o legado de Osama Bin Laden para os EUA:

The [security]  system is geared towards keeping out a tiny number of terrorists. Fair enough—such people should indeed be kept out. But there should be a trade-off. An immigration official lives in fear of admitting the next Mohammed Atta, but there is no penalty for excluding the next Einstein, or for humiliating tourists who subsequently summer in France. Osama bin Laden has arguably inflicted more harm on America indirectly than directly. To stop his acolytes from striking again, the government has made entering America far more difficult and degrading than it need be.”

É claro que este não é um argumento que persuada o wingnut next door, mas pense bem:

This has slowed the influx of foreign brains. In 2001, 28% of students who studied abroad did so at American universities. By 2008 that figure had shrunk to 21%, though since the absolute number of globally mobile students grew by 50% over that period, the absolute number in America has flattened, not fallen. Does this matter? Well, foreigners and immigrants make up more than half of the scientific researchers in the United States, notes Edward Alden, the author of a fine book called “The Closing of the American Border”. Among postdoctoral students doing top-level research, 60% are foreign-born. Boffins flock to America because its universities are the best, but the ordeal of getting a visa prompts many to take their ideas elsewhere.”

Pra quem não percebeu, há ali um interessante  trocadilho entre “Closing of the American Border” e “Closing of the American Mind“, ok?

E, por falar nisso, a outra matéria da Economist fala sobre os custos crescentes do controle da imigração nos EUA. Uma imagem fala por si:

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America, plantando as sementes de sua própria destruição desde 1980.