Deu no Guardian:

China is to pull the plug on screenings of Avatar at most cinemas and replace the Golden Globe-winning film with a patriotic biopic on the life of Confucius, according to reports.

Hong Kong’s Apple Daily said the state-run China Film Group has ordered cinemas across China to stop showing the 2D version of the film and to show only the 3D edition, amid concerns from China’s censors that it could cause unrest. Because there are so few 3D cinemas on the mainland, the order effectively prevents general distribution of the James Cameron blockbuster.

Parallels have reportedly been drawn between the plight of the Na’vi, who face the threat of eviction from their woodland home, and those in China vulnerable to displacement by predatory property developers.

Bloggers are speculating about the toll Avatar could inflict on home-grown films. The Confucius picture is directed by Hu Mei and stars Chow Yun-fat as the sage.” [grifo meu]


Por algum motivo, nenhuma das duas explicações me parece muito convincente.   Mas realmente parece que a questão dos incorporadores imobiliários é importante por lá.


Cameron deve estar triste.


Clash of Titans?