Em uma interessante reviravolta,  Scott McLemee do Crooked Timber mostra que a narrativa de Pat Robertson, ainda que violentada por um ponto de vista profundamente anaeróbico, contém um grão de verdade.

Relendo “The Black Jacobins: Toussaint L’Ouverture and the San Domingo Revolution” de C.L.R. James, um livro escrito em 1938, Scott mostra que os escravos organizaram a revolta contra os franceses sob o disfarce de rituais religiosos de Vodu, mais ou menos da mesma forma que os escravos brasileiros faziam:

Voodoo was the medium of the conspiracy. In spite of all prohibitions, the slaves travelled miles to sing and dance and practice the rites and talk; and now, since the revolution [in France], to hear the political news and make their plans. Boukman, a Papaloi or High Priest, a gigantic Negro, was the leader. He was the headman of a plantation and followed the political situation both among the whites and among the Mulattoes. (…)

Carrying torches to light their way, the leaders of the revolt met in an open space in the thick forests of the Morne Rouge, a mountainside overlooking Le Cap. There Boukman gave the last instructions and, after Voodoo incantations and the sucking of the blood of a stuck pig, he stimulated his followers by a prayer spoken in creole which, like so much spoken on such occasions, has remained. “The god who created the sun which gives us light, who rouses the waves and rules the storm, though hidden in the clouds, he watches us. He sees all that the white man does. The god of the white man inspires him with crime, but our god calls upon us to do good works. Our god who is good to us orders us to revenge our wrongs. He will direct our arms and aid us. Throw away the symbol of the god of the whites who has so often caused us to weep, and listen to the voice of liberty, which speaks in the hearts of us all.” The symbol of the god of the whites was the cross which, as good Catholics, they wore around their necks.” [grifo meu]

Como lembra Scott, o deus dos escravos não era, é claro, o Diabo, já que eles não comungavam da crença cristã.  Não que isso interesse a Pat Robertson, porém.