O Martin Rundkvist do Aardvarchaelogy (um dos Science Blogs) dá um lembrete interessante sobre Avatar:

It is of course wish fulfillment for the guilt-ridden modern urbanite — that Mother Nature is a real thinking being and able to protect herself. Alas, she is not. Or should I say — lucky for us brainy chimps, she is not, because then she would have snuffed us way back in the pre-pottery Neolithic.

We’re not up against a formidable opponent. We can’t even console ourselves with the feeling of being up against a half-competent adversary. We’re alone with our guilt at fucking over ecosystems that are completely incapable of opposing us or adapting to us. We’re holding the axe and all the tree can do is rustle its leaves. Wouldn’t it be great if we weren’t responsible for the environment?

Pois é.