Não mais contente com os resultados das “sequels”, Hollywood inventa uma nova moda: os “reboots”.

Assim, depois transformar “Jornada nas Estrelas” em uma “Malhação nas estrelas”, vem aí “Spidey” _ as aventuras de Peter Parker adolescente no high school:

Easily the biggest news to hit in recent weeks was the word that Sony has scrapped production on Spider-Man 4 and will reboot the character with a new film (and, presumably, an ensuing series) featuring a new cast and creative team. A general 2012 date has been mentioned, but no specific date has yet been set; expect the studio to stake a claim in May, and for any other films in that region to shift accordingly. (…)

We don’t know much about what that script entails, other than it will feature a younger teenage Peter Parker. EW calls the script “gritty, contemporary” and references Batman Begins, seemingly not only in the sense that Christopher Nolan reinvented Batman on film, but in the sense of tone. Which would be a shame. Let’s have anything but a gritty Spider-Man, please. Anyone with a shred of understanding of the character knows that, while the stories can be heavy, ‘gritty’ isn’t what makes Spider-Man universally appealing.”

Que virá depois?  A adolescência dos X-Men?  Ops!