Wall Street volta a ostentar uma lucratividade bolhosa, e Kevin Drum está puto:

“(…) Is there any silver lining here? Probably not, but I’ll try: If Wall Street can shrug off the worst recession of our lifetimes as if it’s a minor fender bender and get the party rolling all over again in less than 12 months, it means the next bubble is already in the works and its collapse will be every bit as bad as this one. That in turn means it will almost certainly happen while today’s politicians are still in office. So maybe news like this will finally spur lawmakers to realize once and for all that the financial industry needs to be cut down to size. Half measures won’t do it. Self-regulation won’t do it. Compensation limits won’t do it. Byzantine, watered-down rules won’t do it.”

Muito puto:

Something like a Morgenthau Plan for Wall Street is the only thing that has even half a chance of working.”