Foi assim que me senti quando vim pra Brasília

Uma proposta modesta:

Clearly, some creative thinking is badly needed if humans are to have a future beyond Earth. Returning to the Moon may be worthy and attainable, but it fails to capture the public’s imagination. What does get people excited is the prospect of a mission to Mars. The lure of the red planet lies in its Earth-like conditions and the tantalising prospect of some form of life.

Unfortunately, existing plans are absurdly expensive and will remain unrealistic for decades. But there is a way to put humans on Mars with foreseeable technology, and at a fraction of the projected cost. Five years ago I made the radical proposal that a handful of astronauts be sent on a one-way journey to Mars. I am not talking about a suicide mission. With its protective atmosphere, accessible water and carbon dioxide, and significant amounts of methane, Mars is one of the few places in the solar system that could support a human colony.

By eliminating the need to transport heavy fuel and equipment for the return journey, costs could be slashed by 80% or more. Supplies and a power source would be sent on ahead, and only when everything is functional would astronauts be dispatched. The base would be re-supplied from Earth every two years. Of course the mission would still be highly risky, but so is round-the-world ballooning and mountaineering. The ideal astronauts would be scientists and engineers who could continue to do world-class science while serving as trailblazers for the colonisation of a new planet. Eventually, more people would join them. After a century or two, the colony could become self-sustaining.


Você, leitor, embarcaria nessa?

Essa parte me pareceu singularmente cínica:

The first Martians would have to accept reduced life expectancy due to radiation, lack of advanced medical resources and lower gravity, but a return journey entails similar hazards. Moreover, the most dangerous parts of space exploration are take-off and landing: cutting out the return halves the risk.”

Já essa aqui é mais altruísta, embora me pareça um tanto irrealista:

Perhaps the best motivation for going to Mars is political. It is obvious that no single nation currently has either the will or the resources to do it alone, but a consortium of nations and space agencies could achieve it within 20 years. A worldwide project to create a second home for humankind elsewhere in the solar system would be the greatest adventure our species has embarked upon since walking out of Africa 100 000 years ago, and provide a unifying influence unparalleled in history. With Nasa’s manned space programme back in the melting pot, now is the time to put a one-way mission to Mars at the top of the space exploration agenda.”

Quer dizer, com tantos problemas para tentarmos não perder o mundo que já temos, porque exatamente estamos pensando em bagunçar outro?