Resolvi dar uma incrementada no post _ pesquisa histórica e cortesia Ratapulgo

Bem, o previsível Paulo do FYI ficou chateadinho com o post abaixo e resolveu escrever uma “resposta”.  Faço comentários a tópicos selecionados:

• To destroy private and public property (forcing the city of Seattle to overspend half of its budget on this instead of public projects) to show your disgust at capitalism is right and noble.

_ Bom, pelo menos eles destruíram propriedades em seu próprio país.  Já os republicanos

To show up at town hall meetings and yell at Democrats because you think they will bankrupt the country is a disgraceful radical act.

_ Eu diria que é bem radical para um partido que pegou um superavit e transformou em um deficit bilionário.

• When Bush brings Evangelicals to the White House he is a religious zealot.

_ Hã…mas, bem, ele é.

When Obama brings an Evangelical to his inauguration he is just a common sense middle of the road American.

_ Mas, raios, Obama é o anticristo, tá lembrado?

• To have President Bush elected in a contested election is proof of corruption and lack of transparency (even after we know that the controversial recounts would show the same result). To have a governor elected by 129 votes (out of 2.7 million) or a senator that was confirmed only after 6 recounts (and was losing until the 4th) is completely normal and shows the strength of Democracy.

_ A ausência de diferença entre uma eleição roubada e uma eleição apertada é uma daquelas coisas em que os republicanos também acreditam.

• When Clinton, Gore and all major Democrats called Saddam the biggest threat in the world and bombed the country repeatedly they were wise statesmen. When Bush went to war for the same reasons he was a loony dictator.

_ Pois é, e depois Paulo reclama quando eu falo que os EUA têm um pezinho no imperialismo

• To create a national scandal about a Republican congressman that supposedly sent sex messages to congressional pages (in the end Foley was not even criminally charged) is fair politics.

_ Um absurdo mesmo.  Pena que quem fez isso foi o Partido Republicano.

• To make any mistake when justifying a war is an unforgivable offense that should be treated as a crime against humanity. To lie about the possibility of ending a war is just a fair political game.

_ First things first, brother.  Depois, essa história era tããããão grave que o Kanjorski até ganhou a eleição…

• To call some allies “Old Europe” is a major diplomacy blunder. To give the Queen of England an iPod with your speeches in it or to bow before the King of Saudi Arabia is pure creative genius.

_ Você precisa atualizar seu arquivo de gafes de Bush

• To torture the admittedly mastermind of 9/11 is really bad. Unless you are Jack Bauer. Ah, and if other countries are torturing we are ok with that too.

_ O problema é quando a tortura vira hobby. Seu.

• Rich people are horrible. Even the Cuban revolution was ok because you know, in the end all they did was to get rid of the ugly rich and choose a nice attorney to lead them! The only good rich people are we of course and our Hollywood brethren. It is no coincidence that they are our serfs.

_ Deixa disso. Há atores para todos os gostos, embora eu realmente ache difícil chamar Suck Norris de bonitinho.

• We love our Liberal Lions. Even when they have a weird family history of liking dictators like Hitler and Chavez. Oh, we have another one who loved the KKK, but he is so old we kind of forget about that.

_ Godwin´s Law!  Paulo, você já foi melhor que isso…

• To call Bush the devil, monkey or stupid is the civil right of any right thinking American. To make any remark about Obama or any Black Democrat is a racist crime.

_ Bem, quando há um motivo

• When Bush says marriage is between a man and a woman he is showing how backwards and bigoted he is. When Obama says the same thing we don’t quite believe it.

_ Vamos colocar a coisa assim: qual candidato era contrário à união civil entre homossexuais?

• When Republicans cheat on their wives they are hypocrites that should leave office immediately.

_ Errr…cadê o link?  [smirk]

• Soldiers dying in Iraq show that the war is a disgrace and we are stuck in a lost war. Soldiers dying in Afghanistan show that we fight for our beliefs and victory is just a matter of strategy.

_ Pois é, e depois Paulo reclama quando eu falo que os EUA têm um pezinho no imperialismo…[2]

• We are an incredibly backwards nation because we don’t have a health care system like Switzerland’s.

_ Yeah!

We are also an incredibly backwards nation because we do have a gun policy much like Switzerland’s.

_ Tsk-tsk.

• To challenge Obama’s birth certificate makes you a disgrace to your party. To challenge Bush’s National Guard service or Sarah Palin’s son legitimacy makes you a concerned citizen.

_ Paulo, um caso é uma mentira, o outro é uma hipocrisia da parte de seus candidatos.  Quer que desenhe?