Jogo sujo do Estadão contra os blogs!  🙂

Jogando lenha à já semi-extinta fogueira da polêmica blogs vs jornais, este trecho da resenha de Henry Farrel sobre  o livro recém lançado “The Myth of Digital Democracy” me parece certeiro:

As his book title suggests, Hindman puts paid to some of the most pernicious myths of democracy and the internet. Lazy libertarian arguments that the internet was going to create radically empowered individuals, an “army of Davids” that would topple government and so-called “mainstream media” with a few well-aimed missiles are simply unsustainable. So, too, are some of the hazier left-wing claims about how the internet would foster “extreme democracy”. The internet is creating new forms of social organisation, but they have their own kinds of hierarchy. And in many cases the old hierarchies are co-opting the new ones. In the US, traditional media and think-tanks are hiring prominent bloggers. Few major bloggers are still independent, and those who are, are mostly trying to create their own miniature media empires.” [grifo meu]

Pedro Dória que o diga.  🙂