O Paulo do FYI é um cara esquisito:

Recession Politics

Isn’t it a bit funny that the bank meltdown last year happened in September/October? Isn’t it even funnier how that little fact never got correlated to the famous political tool called “October surprise” which is so often used in Presidential campaigns?

I am not saying that the Democrats fabricated the crisis but what happened is that they used it to win the elections. And far from being a harmless political tool, what they did actually increased the severity of the problem big time.

And of course, they were only successful in this endeavor because they had an immense amount of help from their most powerful ally: the Big Media.

I will not be surprised if that a few years from now we see some studies on how the panic instigated by the media was one of the major factors behind the severity of this recession.




Paulo parece desconhecer essa citação:

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.  ~Philip K. Dick”

Vamos ver o que Paulo estava dizendo no dia 17 de outubro do ano passado, só porque Warren Buffet foi comprar ações ali na esquina:

Apparently the doomsayers need to find another cause to adopt. The end of the world pretty much ended this week.”

A lógica do Paulo é a seguinte: havia um certo número de pessoas vendo a crise chegar.  Ele tentou caracterizá-las como loucas.  Depois que a crise chegou, ele passou a achar que foram essas pessoas que criaram a crise.  Parece evidente que Paulo fará tudo que estiver ao seu alcance para não ter que olhar para aquilo que até os grandes conservadores americanos já reconhecem.

Tal é o poder da máquina de distorção da realidade.  Paulo, toma a pílula, Paulo.