No Slashdot:

“”Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a fabric made of a mesh of light-sensitive fibers that collectively act like a rudimentary camera. The fibers, which each can detect two frequencies of light, produced signals that when amplified and processed by a computer reproduced an image of a smiley face near the mesh. ‘This is the first time that anybody has demonstrated that a single plane of fibers, or “fabric,” can collect images just like a camera but without a lens,’ said Yoel Fink, an associate professor of materials science, who along with colleagues described the approach in a the journal Nano Letters. MIT suggested that the technology, if developed further, could give a soldier a uniform that would help him see threats in all directions. Optical fiber webs, by distributing the chore across a large area, would be less susceptible to damage in one area.” [grifo meu]

Essa gente só pensa naquilo.

Já eu fantasiei outras incríveis possibilidades.