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Finalmente apareceram corpos.

Por mais de mau gosto que tenha sido a alusão do Jobim à pouca probabilidade de aparecerem corpos devido aos tubarões, eu também achava a mesma coisa.   Uma vez vi um relato de pesquisadores que habitaram temporariamente a base da Marinha nos rochedos de São Pedro e São Paulo onde eles diziam que como a região não é rica em nutrientes os tubarões por ali são extremamente vorazes, sendo um perigo para pesquisadores desprevenidos que por isso mesmo nunca mergulham sozinhos.  Como o provável local da queda está tão ou mais em alto mar que os rochedos, imagino que os tubarões que andam por ali compartilham dessa voracidade.

Outra notícia é que a Marinha francesa enviou um submarino nuclear de ataque para auxiliar na busca às caixas-pretas.  O submanino é o “Emeraude”, da primeira geração de submarinos de ataque franceses e portanto um pouco velhinho, embora tenha sofrido reformas há relativamente pouco tempo.

Ele possui um sistema de sonar passivo, o DSUV-62 C, que consiste em um conjunto de hidrofones rebocados pelo submarino a partir de um cabo com cerca de 80 metros de comprimento.  O detalhe é que esse sonar é fabricado pela firma francesa Thales…a mesma empresa que fabrica os tubos Pitot que vêm sendo acusados como os grandes vilões por trás da queda do AF 447…justiça poética?




No Boston Globe, onze motivos pelos quais devemos salvar os jornais impressos:

1. In movies, whenever a damaging or shocking story appears in print, someone slams a newspaper down and shouts, “Just look at this! We’re laughingstocks!” or “How did they find out?” Try that with a laptop. The main character will spend the rest of the film on hold waiting for IT to help repair his hard drive.

2. You can shed a tear right now for the iconic ransom note, with letters clipped from newspaper headlines. What’s a kidnapper to do? Print out letters at home using different fonts and point sizes?

3. How are concerned neighbors supposed to figure out that the little old lady who lives alone is sick if the papers aren’t piling up on her doorstep? And how will burglars know which houses to target?

4. Not that anyone will be able to move to a new home in the future anyway, but even if they could, they couldn’t. No more newspapers equals no way to safely pack up glass and grandma’s hand-me-down china. Let the papers die, and your tableware goes down, too.

5. This could all be a plot by the paper-towel industry to end the practice of cleaning windows with newspapers. Follow the money — I sense a Da Vinci Code-esque plot.

6. You know all that money you’re saving by not shelling out for a subscription? Well, put it aside for a good umbrella. You’ll need it the next time it rains without warning. Holding an iPhone over your head won’t exactly cut it.

7. Papier-mache will never be the same. No big deal, you say? Good luck when your kid’s homework assignment calls for making a model of Earth or an erupting volcano.

8. Where will cubicle-dwellers find “clever” headlines to cut out and post over their sad little work areas — “Mission Accomplished” or “Bill Succeeds”?

9. As if house-training a puppy isn’t already hard enough, in a world without newspapers, the dogs will really be in charge. And bird owners, free your winged friends now or prepare to be cleaning floors 24/7, because you won’t be able to line their cages.

10. Get ready to live in an increasingly dangerous society. With gumshoes on stakeout trying to hide behind Kindles instead of newspapers, criminals are sure to spot them right away. What will we lose next? The trench coat?

11. And finally, if not by recycling the papers, how will we demonstrate to our neighbors that we really are trying to save the planet?


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O texto:

Russian Disco Party

This is an example of sample Russian disco party.

It looks the same probably in all the Russian not so big towns.

All guys who visit are ready to fight, they find somebody who is alien there and attack. And nobody would call police – just because it’s not something unusual – if you going to visit Russian disco party in smaller towns – you take the responsibility of participation in the fight.

Most of the young guys know that they need to be tough because they are going to go to Russian army and in Russian army it’s more like in prison – officers don’t control what happen – there is a big hierarchy between the soldiers.

Those soldiers who served longer – they beat EVERY day the younger ones – just because when they came – they were treated in the same manner. In Russian army there is thousands of soldiers die every year just because of this. And nobody cares. The latest story that was discussed nationwide in Russia is regarding one soldier who lost both of his legs because he was humiliated awfully in the army.

So when the elder guys return from army they have a broken psychics which is being transfered to the younger generations.


Os comentários são particularmente interessantes:

Thanks for the photos. You are right, the Americans responding don’t know enough about Russia. Many people can’t find work and there are no opportunities. None. In the US, people have opportunities. Even in our most depressed communities, the poor can go to college and eventually get out of the ghetto. Let’s face it, in the US our poor people are fat. In Russia, poor people can starve. Now, toss in alcohol addiction and rule by the type of mobsters that make the US Mafia look like a club for gay hair stylists and you basically have a nightmare. C’mon guys, there are Russian Internet brides for a reason. When was the last time you heard about Internet brides from New York?

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