Via Slashdot:

“The Japanese Odin 99 handset isn’t a regular video-enabled phone. It’s geared, perhaps somewhat ironically, towards the Buddhist geek. Aside from regular cell phone features, a dedicated button loads a private, customizable, animated altar on the phone’s screen. The idea is to allow Buddhists to perform their dedications conveniently on-the-go. You can simulate incense burning, purification rites and play music to help you meditate wherever you happen to be. The question is, does such a device somewhat negate the values a Buddhist would stand for?”

Aí, é claro que eu resolvi verificar se algo assim existe para outras religiões, certo?  Batata:

“O website Crystal Icing resolveu criar o iPhone Jesus Phone, já que nessa loucura toda que envolve o iPhone, algumas pessoas o nomearam telefone de Jesus. A diferença desse iPhone são os cristais de Swarovski e mais de 3000 Tiny SS7 foram individualmente afixados ao aparelho. Você pode escolher como customizar o seu iPhone por USD$295.”

Creio que as mesmas reservas quanto à qualidade paradoxal do Budafone se aplicam ao Jesusphone.

Mas é claro que a coisa não pára aí:

Muslim phone calls faithful to prayer

Dutch Muslims are the first in Europe to benefit from a mobile phone which offers five daily prayer-time reminders, points the faithful in the direction of Mecca and has a copy of the Koran in both English and Arabic.

The Ilkone (universe) is already on sale in Asia and the Middle East, and will shortly hit the prayer mats of France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Belgium and Bosnia.”

Tem mais:

The Kosher Phone: Does Nothing, Especially on Saturday

Yes, it sounds made up, but the Kosher Phone is real. How, you may ask, does a phone become Kosher? First, it blocks access to 10,000 sex and dating lines. Second, kosher-to-kosher calls are just two cents a minute, compared to the standard nine and a half cents.

Third, and best, is that you get stung for using it on the Sabbath. Any calls placed on the Day of Rest will cost a huge $2.44 a minute.

The phone is also completely stripped of functionality: no text messaging, no Internet access, no video options, no camera. The idea is not new. Kosher phones have been around for years, as have other religious-themed handsets, such as the Mecca Phone, which points, you guessed it, to Mecca, allowing prayer to be carried out properly.”


No entanto nenhuma religião, ao que parece, já criou um celular capaz de falar com o Altíssimo.