Deu no Telegraph:

Britain’s prized AAA rating under threat as S&P issues stark warning

Britain has moved a step closer to losing its prized AAA rating after a leading ratings agency downgraded the country’s outlook because of the deteriorating state of the public finances and political uncertainty over how to repair them.

Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s lowered the outlook to negative from stable. A lower rating would mean that S&P believes Britain is no longer fit to be in the club of top creditworthy nations, undermining its critical ability to borrow cheaply on financial markets.

The move by S&P came minutes before figures showed that the Government’s budget deficit hit £8.5bn in April, the most for that month since records began.

 Although S&P said lowering the UK’s outlook to negative “does not necessarily precede a rating change”, it added that the UK has a one in three chance of an actual cut in its ratings.


O que acontece se as agências de rating puserem a Inglaterra em AA é que uma montanha de capital vai ter que sair de lá, porque muitos fundos estão estatutoriamente impedidos de investir em riscos soberanos inferiores a AAA.

A City vai perder um bocado de seu lustre.