Onde se explica porque o novo símbolo do GOP será o leão da montanha (*):

GOP’s Demographic Losses Point To More Right-Wing, Less Electable Republican Party

By Eric Kleefeld – May 19, 2009, 4:09PM

Yesterday, Gallup posted a new study showing that the Republican Party has lost significant numbers of voters across nearly all demographics since 2001 — except for their conservative, church-going base. Republican self-identification is down from 32% in 2001 to 27% now, and including independents who lean GOP they’ve decreased from 44% to 39%.

So it’s worth asking: Do these numbers work out to a more right-wing GOP, one that will have even more trouble winning elections? The answer appears to be yes — at least for now.

I spoke with the Gallup study’s author, Jeffrey M. Jones, and he confirmed to me that the shrunken GOP is indeed more conservative. In 2001, core Republicans were 62% conservative, 31% moderate and six percent liberal. After Republican-leaners were pushed, all Republicans and leaners were 57% conservative, 35% moderate and 8% liberal.

But now, the core Republicans are 68% conservative, 27% moderate and 5% liberal. Including GOP-leaners, they are 71% conservative, 24% moderate and 3% liberal.


(*) por favor, alguém explica essa para os “portadores de necessidades cronológicas especiais“…   🙂