Bollywood enfrenta reveses:  as receitas dos atores caíram 80%, e o número de filmes novos caiu entre 30 e 40%.  O motivo?  O sucesso…

The problems have come after Bollywood saw an influx of funds and the entry of large business houses, such as Reliance Big Entertainment, controlled by billionaire businessman Anil Ambani. 

The industry has also attracted the eye of Hollywood studios, with Viacom, NBC, Sony and Time Warner investing $1.5bn in India’s movie and pay TV sectors. 

But the increased interest has led to inflated costs. Some new entrants tried to build up movie libraries quickly by buying content, which led to a bubble in the cost of new movies that has been pricked by the economic crisis. 

“The model before this was: ‘I make the content and then sell it – somebody would have bought it.’ Now there’s nobody to buy it,” said Mr Screwvala.

Mas isso é só enquanto o “Caminho das Índias”, da Globo, não passa por lá.  Quando passar seguramente será recebida como a maior comédia de todos os tempos…