Matéria aqui, site aqui (repare no favicon…).  E sim, estamos presentes.  🙂

Mas o outro lado é mais fantástico: no seu perfil,  Papi, um mexicano rico,  diz o que quer:

This is a serious offer for that special girl who will admit she is LAZY and not at all motivated to join the fight with her friends. The fight to get ahead, the fight to pay the credit cards, the fight to have a car ,not to mention the insurance. Papis PPP is too smart for all that. She just wants to be part of paradise with Papi. Take in a lot of sun, have beauty treatments,the gym, the beach,enjoy local herb, sip margaritas, be bisexual, eat gourmet food, meet interesting rich and famous people, go shopping with Papi, Be spoiled and pampered by Papi and his staff. Plus, have all of those deep dark fantasies fulfilled by a creative caring Papi. Only LAZY girls will little or no ambition capable of this spoling type lifestyle need reply


C´mon, este trecho realmente é genial pela casualidade da proposta:

enjoy local herb, sip margaritas, be bisexual, eat gourmet food

O que mostra que até nesse ramo é importante ler as letras miúdas do contrato.  Alguém se habilita?  🙂