In a nutshell we found that the Northeast and West of the United States is like Europe, and the South is like Mexico. In other words, the rich states in the Northeast and West, along with much of Europe seem to have moved toward what might be called a postindustrial politics in which voters of liberal and conservative parties tend to differ more on religion than on income. In contrast, the poorer states in the South and middle of the United States seem to look more like Mexico, with a more traditional pattern of votes of the rich and the poor.”

Aqui.  Mas a conclusão é meio besta:

It is not just geography per se, it is how it interacts with voters’ relative position in society. In other words, a person’s political, social, cultural, and economic environment is made of both the people and the institutions that structure their daily interactions. As a consequence, as we suggest in our book as well as Nolan’s work; people’s voting decision is going to be shaped by both their socioeconomic status (aka income) and the composition of the local setting.”

O que não me parece lá grande novidade.