Uma frase que li por aí, atribuída a Paul Fussel:

Se você trabalha pelo seu dinheiro, você é classe média.  Se seu dinheiro trabalha por você, você é classe alta.”

E realmente o cara tem excelentes tiradas.  Gostei muito dessa também, sobre a diferença entre “viajar” e “praticar turismo”:

“The age of independent travel is drawing to an end,” said E.M. Forster back in 1920, when it had been increasingly clear for decades that the mass production inevitable in the late industrial age had generated its own travel-spawn, tourism, which is to travel as plastic is to wood. If travel is mysterious, even miraculous, and often lonely and frightening, tourism is commonsensical, utilitarian, safe, and social, “that gregarious passion,” the traveler Patrick Leigh Fermor calls it, “which destroys the object of its love.” Not self-directed but externally enticed, as a tourist you go not where your own curiosity beckons but where the industry decrees you shall go. Tourism soothes, shielding you from the shocks of novelty and menace, confirming your prior view of the world rather than shaking it up. It obliges you not just to behold conventional things but to behold them in the approved conventional way.


Apesar disso, não consegui encontrar a primeira frase como sendo uma citação de Fussel.  Achei esta, atribuida porém a Robert T. Kiyosaki, conhecido autor de literatura aeroportuária (“Pai Rico, Pai Pobre“):

“If you work for money, you give the power to your employer. If your money works for you, you keep and control the power.”  

Mas tem bem menos apelo, IMHO.