Paulo do FYI escreveu neste comentário aqui o seguinte:

Para o resto do pessoal que vem aqui e esta realmente com medo que o que esta acontecendo eh o fim do mundo, recomendo esse:

O que diz o “esse” (que vem a ser Charles Mullingan, professor em Chicago):

I know that most everyone has been saying for a couple of weeks that something has to be done; a banking crisis could quickly become a wider crisis, pulling the rest of us down. For this reason, the Wall Street bailout is supposed to be better than no plan at all.

Too bad this line of thinking is seriously flawed. The non-financial sectors of our economy will not suffer much from even a prolonged banking crisis, because the general economic importance of banks has been highly exaggerated.

Já eu recomendo o novo relatório do Banco Mundial:

(…)financial stress before a recession presages a statistically significantly more severe recession; the fact that it’s a banking type of financial stress (as opposed to say exchange rates or interest rates) suggests that it will be even worse than otherwise. Finally, the prevalence of arm’s-length finance (as compared to the bank-centric systems dominant in Europe) means that the impact will likely be even more negative in the US case.

Too bad.