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Recebi hoje esta cândida cartinha:


Soy la Senorita. LELHA ARIANE RENEE el unico nino del difunto de Sr. y la Sra. Lelha Maguy Georges. Mi padre era un comerciante de cacao y explotador de oro basado en Abidjan, la capital economica de Costa de Marfil, se ha envenenado por sus asociados en un viaje de negocios.
Antes de la muerte de mi padre, en noviembre de 2006, en una clinica privada en Abidjan lo revela que el a la suma de doce millones cinco ciento mil de dolares USD ($12,5M) en un banco su una cuenta bloqueada aqui en Abidjan, Costa de Marfil. Sobre el testamento que me dio, lo designo como el beneficiario de estos fondos como su hija unica.
Vengo a pues solicitar su ayuda por las siguientes razones:
(1) proporcionarme una cuenta bancaria sobre la cual transferir este dinero.
(2) servirme de encargado de estos fondos. Naci el 17 de julio de 1987.
(3) ayudarme a immigrar en su pais con un certificado de residencia para que hay mis estudios mientras que invertira el dinero en buenos asuntos en su pais.
Estoy dispuesto a darle 25% de estos fondos en compensacion de su ayuda y asistencia para la transferencia de mi herencia en su cuenta en su pais.
Srta. Lelha Ariane



De fato, o mais aterrador são os caracteres chineses no final da mensagem, com um ponto de exclamação e apontando para, entre todos os lugares, o Yahoo chinês. No entanto, aqueles que quiserem ajudar a Srta. Lelha, uma costamarfinense de 21 aninhos a emigrar para o país com seus doze e meio milhão de dólares e ainda receber uma comissão, adiantem-se…


Flags of our fatwas


Panel Questions State Dept. Role in Iraq Oil Deal

Bush administration officials knew that a Texas oil company with close ties to President Bush was planning to sign an oil deal with the regional Kurdistan government that ran counter to American policy and undercut Iraq’s central government, a Congressional committee has concluded.

The conclusions were based on e-mail messages and other documents that the committee released Wednesday.

United States policy is to warn companies that they incur risks in signing contracts until Iraq passes an oil law and to strengthen Iraq’s central government. The Kurdistan deal, by ceding responsibility for writing contracts directly to a regional government, infuriated Iraqi officials. But State Department officials did nothing to discourage the deal and in some cases appeared to welcome it, the documents show.

The company, Hunt Oil of Dallas, signed the deal with Kurdistan’s semiautonomous government last September. Its chief executive, Ray L. Hunt, a close political ally of President Bush, briefed an advisory board to Mr. Bush on his contacts with Kurdish officials before the deal was signed.

In an e-mail message released by the Congressional committee, a State Department official in Washington, briefed by a colleague about the impending deal with the Kurdistan Regional Government, wrote: “Many thanks for the heads up; getting an American company to sign a deal with the K.R.G. will make big news back here. Please keep us posted.”

The release of the documents comes as the administration is defending help that United States officials provided in drawing up a separate set of no-bid contracts, still pending, between Iraq’s Oil Ministry in Baghdad and five major Western oil companies to provide services at other Iraqi oil fields.

In the no-bid contracts, the administration said it had provided what it called purely technical help writing the contracts. The United States played no role in choosing the companies, the administration has said.

Disclosure of those contracts has provided substantial fuel to critics of the Iraq war, both in the United States and abroad, who contend that the enormous Iraqi oil reserves were a motivation for the American-led invasion – an assertion the administration has repeatedly denied.

No man can be said to know anything, until he learns that every day is doomsday.

_ Ralph Waldo Emerson

O par perfeito

Mas não exatamente pelo motivo que vocês estão imaginando:

Hunger dictates who men fancy

Eat A study of 61 male university students found those who were hungry were attracted to heavier women than those who were satiated. The hungry men also paid much less attention to a woman’s body shape and regarded less curvy figures as more attractive. Although it is not clear exactly how hunger exerts an influence on attraction, past research suggests social, cultural and psychological factors are involved.

In some societies where food is a limited resource, such as the South Pacific, higher body weights are revered. In others where food is abundant, such as the West, lower female body weights are preferred. Evolutionary psychologists believe this is a survival preference. What you are looking for in a mate is the best chance of healthy offspring and in an environment where food is scarce, a heavier woman is deemed a safer bet for this.

Mais aqui.

(hat tip: 3quarksdaily)

Um post iluminador no Shrill Blog do Brad DeLong:

Jim Henley: Why the Republican Party Must Be Destroyed

Jim Henley provides the best argument I have seen on why the Republican Party must, for the good of the nation and the world, be destroyed immediately:

The Art of the Possible » Blog Archive » A (Public) Choice, Not an Echo: No matter who wins the election, so-called neoconservatives will probably remain the prime movers of Republican foreign policy for the foreseeable future.

1. They are the energized constituency within the Party. They care more about foreign policy than any other component except a slice of the paleos.
2. Neoconservatives have prominent media platforms that are useful to the GOP as a whole.
3. Neoconservatism is useful to important elements of the GOP coalition. It implies spiraling increases to military spending. It is a coherent nationalism for the nationalist party to embrace. It provides a ready-made critique of the domestic political opposition (“appeasers!”).
4. The “stab-in-the-back” narrative is a perfect example of the kind of magical thinking that explains away failure. The rituals didn’t fail us, we failed the rituals! This has worked for thousands of years. As sure as shooting, bad things will happen around the globe during an Obama administration. An Obama administration may even – gasp! – err in response to a crisis. The beauty of neoconservative ideology is that there is always some war that could, theoretically, have been launched at some point that didn’t get fought, and it will always be possible to claim that “if only” America had had the “will and imagination” to kill just those extra few foreigners, everything would have turned out different and better.
5. Neoconservatives play well with others. Neoconservatives have been willing to accede to or even advocate the fiscal goals of the rent-seeking element of the GOP and the social goals of the evangelicals.
6. It’s important to remember that first-generation neoconservatism was conservatism: the neocons shared the extant right-wing concerns about crime; the relationship of dependency to the welfare state; “bending over backwards” to ameliorate racism; changing family patterns. For every PJ O’Rourke-style Republican Party Reptile who merely wanted to cut taxes and “Give War a Chance,” there was a Norman Podhoretz or Daniel Patrick Moynihan concerned that “the blacks” were literally on their way to becoming a separate species.
7. Evangelicals and paleocons are not an identity. The nationalist self-satisfaction of neoconservatism – American hegemony is morally good – fits mainstream evangelicalism’s view of (Judeo-)Christian America as anointed by God. (And, of course, at war with Islam.)
8. Paleoconservatism does not play well with others. Its foreign policy does not lead to high defense budgets. Its immigration policy does not maximize cheap labor. Its preference for localism can foster hostility to agribusiness and large retailers. It will continue to be at a disadvantage in intra-party disputes on practically any topic, including foreign affairs, war and internal security prerogatives.

Simply put, outside of anti-Semitic fantasies, small groups of mostly Jewish intellectuals don’t bamboozle large Gentile institutions – and the Republican Party is nothing if not a large Gentile institution – into betraying their own perceived best interests. So-called neoconservatism became, by mid-decade, simply Republican foreign policy. The base assumptions of the GOP base and elite just are neoconservative. And that happened because the ideology of neoconservatism served Republican-Party interests and accorded with preexisting Republican-Party proclivities.

The question is whether one possible electoral defeat this year changes those interests significantly. My inclination is, no. Every country is going to have a nationalist party. This particular country’s nationalist party is still going to want to justify massive defense budgets, flatter the nation about its righteousness and paint its opponents as “on the other side.” Paleo-ism cuts against too many of those interests. The so-called Realists don’t inspire passion. Too many other rationales for an American nationalist party – from immigration to homophobia – are demographically doomed. So-called Neoconservatism is much more of a unifying factor than a source of division for the GOP and likely to remain so.

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